Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick, sick, sick ...

So Maggie fell ill with food poisoning! A child that is g-tube fed and who hardly eats anything ... and she gets food poisoning??!! My 'black-olive-hummus-loving' hubby decided to let her share (or in Maggie's case, lick) his portion of his lunch on Sunday. Well, that little lick she had must have been enough because it was a short while later and I had a husband AND a three-year-old with exactly the same symptoms: Belly aches, vomit, diarrhea and lots of whining ... how pleasant! So it meant taking Maggie to the ER at 10:30 Sunday evening.

I was afraid she would get dehydrated since she couldn't keep anything down and she has had a history with the dehydration. But there she sat on the little hospital bed, making googly eyes at her Tigger and giggling to herself, while her poor father moaned and groaned. He sat half-asleep on a purple 'hospital-visitor' chair in the corner. Needless to say, she was fine. And he was not (since he did consume almost half of the container of hummus). We left completely exhausted about five hours later. But at least Maggie was happy and didn't seem to notice all the fuss (probably because there was a special lady that was solely there to keep Maggie happy ... thank you Danielle).

Three days later and Maggie's tummy is slowly coming right. She's digesting more milk now. And we are giving her less Pedialyte. So all's well that ends well :)

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