Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaf Man!

Ben had a cold about two weeks ago. He got over it eventually. But two days afterwards, he was sneezing terribly. And his nose ran profusely. I thought that maybe he had developed allergies. Until one sunny Sunday morning, we were all in bed together as a family. Ed was feeding Maggie. And I was feeding Ben. He drank the whole bottle, as usual. As soon as he finished drinking, he sat up and sneezed. And sneezed. And sneezed again. He sneezed six times. When he was done sneezing, I noticed that he had sneezed something dark green and slimey (this would be a good time to put that BLT down ... you can eat it later). I wiped his face with a tissue and thought "Oh no, this little guy has a sinus infection ... no wonder he's been so miserable!" Upon further investigation, I realized, much to my shock and horror, that it wasn't a sinus infection. The little man had just expelled a 2-inch long leaf from his nose!! We spent the next half hour discussing how it could have possibly happened. He does have an appetite for anything that has it's own photosynthesis process. It will always remain a mystery I suppose. Let's just hope it never happens again!

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