Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's been a while but we are still all alive and kicking!

Well. I only have one excuse for not blogging. One word: Facebook. It's a curse! But I thought to myself that I really need to get back into action and write a bit about the kids. It's been a year since my last blog. And a lot has happened.

Today, we had a coffee play-date with some other mommies and their kids. And I must say that getting together with other moms, I think, is better for me than for anybody else. I've fallen into this regument of routine. This drill of getting things done. Booking doctors appointments. Negotiating insurance guidelines and referrals. Ordering medical supplies. All inbetween washing poopy-stained Old Navy toddler jeans and trying a different way of preparing a pork chop for dinner. I am quite gleeful when I can sit in bed at 10pm and check four things off of my to-do list. But usually, those four things are not exactly "get a pedicure, check", "read another chapter of that book, check" or "sew a creatively exotic dress, check". But that's okay. Don't get me wrong. I love being a mother and a wife. And taking care of everybody and everything. But I just sometimes worry about getting lost in it all.

Being with the other mommies today just reaffirmed that I'm not alone. We all have the same insecurities. Our homes are never clean enough. Our kids misbehave more than behave. And who of us can actually make that perfect pot of coffee?? I know I failed at it big-time today! Nevertheless, there is comfort in knowing I am not alone. That everyone battles with the same worries and to-do lists. And also worry about losing their identities as women.

So thank you ladies for making me feel a little more whole today! Those few hours, filled with *badly brewed* coffee, blueberry muffins and four toddlers screeching as they all run towards one tricycle, was sure worth it! You make me want to be better at what I do ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick, sick, sick ...

So Maggie fell ill with food poisoning! A child that is g-tube fed and who hardly eats anything ... and she gets food poisoning??!! My 'black-olive-hummus-loving' hubby decided to let her share (or in Maggie's case, lick) his portion of his lunch on Sunday. Well, that little lick she had must have been enough because it was a short while later and I had a husband AND a three-year-old with exactly the same symptoms: Belly aches, vomit, diarrhea and lots of whining ... how pleasant! So it meant taking Maggie to the ER at 10:30 Sunday evening.

I was afraid she would get dehydrated since she couldn't keep anything down and she has had a history with the dehydration. But there she sat on the little hospital bed, making googly eyes at her Tigger and giggling to herself, while her poor father moaned and groaned. He sat half-asleep on a purple 'hospital-visitor' chair in the corner. Needless to say, she was fine. And he was not (since he did consume almost half of the container of hummus). We left completely exhausted about five hours later. But at least Maggie was happy and didn't seem to notice all the fuss (probably because there was a special lady that was solely there to keep Maggie happy ... thank you Danielle).

Three days later and Maggie's tummy is slowly coming right. She's digesting more milk now. And we are giving her less Pedialyte. So all's well that ends well :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaf Man!

Ben had a cold about two weeks ago. He got over it eventually. But two days afterwards, he was sneezing terribly. And his nose ran profusely. I thought that maybe he had developed allergies. Until one sunny Sunday morning, we were all in bed together as a family. Ed was feeding Maggie. And I was feeding Ben. He drank the whole bottle, as usual. As soon as he finished drinking, he sat up and sneezed. And sneezed. And sneezed again. He sneezed six times. When he was done sneezing, I noticed that he had sneezed something dark green and slimey (this would be a good time to put that BLT down ... you can eat it later). I wiped his face with a tissue and thought "Oh no, this little guy has a sinus infection ... no wonder he's been so miserable!" Upon further investigation, I realized, much to my shock and horror, that it wasn't a sinus infection. The little man had just expelled a 2-inch long leaf from his nose!! We spent the next half hour discussing how it could have possibly happened. He does have an appetite for anything that has it's own photosynthesis process. It will always remain a mystery I suppose. Let's just hope it never happens again!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maggie received her foot braces today!

This morning we had a mini scream fest on our hands while Tom tried to fit Maggie's new plastic ware. But as soon as he left the room, Maggie squirmed off my lap onto her new little feet. The difference was remarkable! When I held her hands while she was standing, she felt so much more stable and firm on the floor. She was wiggling around and when I looked down, she was actually doing a running motion with her little legs. She wanted to go! So I took her down the corridor ... and it was bliss! For a little girl with new 'shoes' ...
Now if only I could capture all the places she will go and the new adventures she will have! That's an entirely different blog I suppose.

Growing Up

Maggie starts school on Monday.

In a nutshell: Maggie qualifies for a Special Education program. It'll cover education, speech therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy ... and definitely some play-time! Due to her broad range of issues, the school district did not have a school that they could recommend. So our case was handed over to the county. That means she could be going to any school within the entire county of Santa Clara.

Our feelings, in a nutshell: When I think about her starting school, I regret to say that I don't have a flood of nervous emotion overwhelm me. I feel bad that I probably should. But I thought about it and realized that maybe it's because I know she's ready. Maybe it's because I know that she's going to be okay. She will have fun with the other kids in the classroom. Even though she is so tiny and fragile, she is definitely one tough little cookie. I know she'll be able to handle it.

The only thing I do worry about is if they keep up with her feeding through her g-tube. They told us that there will be a nurse supervising. Let's hope there aren't too many vomiting episodes! I worry about the play-doh and crayons!!

But Ed always reminds me that there is a nurse. She's been trained to do this sort of thing. Ed doesn't seem to be nervous about the feeding. He's nervous about her going to school ... period. I suppose it does feel like public recognition that Maggie is growing up. And we're getting older :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did I put my underwear on today??

Yes. I know it's an unusually odd question, but as I was driving today, running errands, I frantically grabbed a boob, wondering if I did in fact put on my undergarments this morning!! I just went through a drive-thru Starbucks (they have strategically placed cameras), picked up Maggie's medication at a very busy and public grocery store and then ran into an overcrowded and people populated bank. It would have ruined the day ... I'm sure. And made an embarrassing story to tell later.

But, as I was driving with the two kids in the back ooh-ing, ah-ing and then complaining when "Itsy Bitsy Spider" had run it's course on my iPod, I realized I had dressed myself successfully. Everything was okay. I did only have mascara on one side of my face though. But that's alright. Who would notice that?? The woes of motherhood!!

Despite the day's events, I think Maggie is coming down with a cold. Poor thing is sneezing every time she looks in my direction. My sister-in-law was holding Maggie when she herself got hit by the Mini-Niagara Falls. But the amazing thing about Miss Maggie though, is that despite her aches and pains, she still giggles and squeals. And expresses extreme contentment when on her Daddy's arm. Kudos to Maggie ;)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nothing To Do ... How Wonderful!

It's Thursday morning (it feels like it really should be Friday) and the kids are still sleeping.

Ben slept like a big baby bear in the middle of winter last night ... this is a good thing!! Maggie didn't sleep at all last night. I finally took her downstairs to the kitchen at 5 and asked her what she wanted. She signed 'thirsty'. So I filled her pink little sippy cup with some cold water and she sipped away. Then, she pushed the cup away. I asked her what she wanted to do. She pointed upstairs and signed "Sleepy". I propped her on my shoulder and headed back upstairs, counting the stairs as we went (a Maggie tradition). I put her down with her pink little blankie and a sorry-looking Tigger (that I should wash today). Finally, all was quiet for the next couple of hours so we could sleep :)

As for today, I'm excited to announce that I have absolutely NO appointments scheduled (pronounced "ssssshhhhhed-huled" with a South African accent). Sometimes all these appointments drive me silly, because I would just like one day to myself and my kids. No cleaning, no dressing, no getting ready. We can just laze about. We will do this today! For sure!!

Maggie is waking up. So I'd better jump into action. And Ben has been kicking in his crib for about five minutes. Let me put them in the car and go to the Drive-Thru Starbucks :) Whoever thought of that idea was a genius!! They get a thumbs-up from every mom in this neighborhood ... without a doubt! Have a wonderful day everybody ... don't forget to have your cozy cup of coffee :)