Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A crazy week ...

After a crazy two weeks of physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, an audiology test at Stanford, a fitting for foot orthodics in San Jose, a walker evaluation and an IEP assessment ... all for Maggie ... it is now time to relax a bit!

My week was crazy, yes, and last night I thought I was going to have a breakdown of some sort. But it all dissipated when my husband walked in the door with Haagen Dazs Strawberry ice cream. He took care of Maggie while I fed and bathed Ben. Both kids were put down to bed at 8 sharp and it was time to relax! And I forced myself NOT to think about anything that could cause stress. I'm glad to say it worked. I woke up feeling much better and ready to take on whatever needs addressing today!

So that being said, I'm going to list a few positive things that also happened this week, which I think, overshadowed all the bad, icky moments:

1. Maggie is drinking milk out of a glass!!! She actually swallows the milk! She started doing it about a week and a half ago and now drinks about 1/2 cup a day of whole milk! We are ecstatic and thrilled that she does it! What makes it most exciting is that she wants to do it.

2. She is picking up so many signs to communicate, that my husband and I are falling behind! She makes up these extremely intricate little hand signals, that just floors us. Of course then we spend a few days trying to figure it out.

3. As much as I hate taking her for audiology tests and orthodic fittings (because she screams bloody murder for the entire time), she is very easily distracted afterwards. She always gets excited and lets out an expression of utter glee when she knows that she will be getting some 'icey' afterwards (aka 'ice cream').

So there ... life after all isn't so bad :) It is quite exciting with these little ones ... I wouldn't trade it, for sure!

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