Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Growing Up

Maggie starts school on Monday.

In a nutshell: Maggie qualifies for a Special Education program. It'll cover education, speech therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy ... and definitely some play-time! Due to her broad range of issues, the school district did not have a school that they could recommend. So our case was handed over to the county. That means she could be going to any school within the entire county of Santa Clara.

Our feelings, in a nutshell: When I think about her starting school, I regret to say that I don't have a flood of nervous emotion overwhelm me. I feel bad that I probably should. But I thought about it and realized that maybe it's because I know she's ready. Maybe it's because I know that she's going to be okay. She will have fun with the other kids in the classroom. Even though she is so tiny and fragile, she is definitely one tough little cookie. I know she'll be able to handle it.

The only thing I do worry about is if they keep up with her feeding through her g-tube. They told us that there will be a nurse supervising. Let's hope there aren't too many vomiting episodes! I worry about the play-doh and crayons!!

But Ed always reminds me that there is a nurse. She's been trained to do this sort of thing. Ed doesn't seem to be nervous about the feeding. He's nervous about her going to school ... period. I suppose it does feel like public recognition that Maggie is growing up. And we're getting older :)

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