Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did I put my underwear on today??

Yes. I know it's an unusually odd question, but as I was driving today, running errands, I frantically grabbed a boob, wondering if I did in fact put on my undergarments this morning!! I just went through a drive-thru Starbucks (they have strategically placed cameras), picked up Maggie's medication at a very busy and public grocery store and then ran into an overcrowded and people populated bank. It would have ruined the day ... I'm sure. And made an embarrassing story to tell later.

But, as I was driving with the two kids in the back ooh-ing, ah-ing and then complaining when "Itsy Bitsy Spider" had run it's course on my iPod, I realized I had dressed myself successfully. Everything was okay. I did only have mascara on one side of my face though. But that's alright. Who would notice that?? The woes of motherhood!!

Despite the day's events, I think Maggie is coming down with a cold. Poor thing is sneezing every time she looks in my direction. My sister-in-law was holding Maggie when she herself got hit by the Mini-Niagara Falls. But the amazing thing about Miss Maggie though, is that despite her aches and pains, she still giggles and squeals. And expresses extreme contentment when on her Daddy's arm. Kudos to Maggie ;)

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